Revista: Archives of virology

Autores: Lourenço P. Mapaco · Zeiss Lacerda · Iolanda V. A. Monjane · Afonso Sussuro · Gerrit J. Viljoen · Giovanni Cattoli · William G. Dundon · Sara J. Achá

Ano: 2018


Samples from 45 chickens, two turkeys, one peacock and one quail with symptoms of fowlpox were collected in Mozambique between November 2016 and January 2018. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that the samples contained avipoxviruses belonging to both clade A1 and clade A2. In addition, all of the Clade A1 viruses were positive by PCR for the integration of reticuloendotheliosis virus, while the clade A2 avipoxvirus samples were negative. This study confirms the circulation of clade A1 avipoxviruses in Mozambique in addition to identifying clade A2 for the first time in the country.